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January 22, 2008 Broadcast (Torch Bearers – Female Scholars – Greenest City)

Host: Omar/Mafro

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Weekend of January 12th, Al Maghrib seminar: Torch Bearers a huge success.
– Taught by new Al Maghrib instructor Shaykh Saed Rageah
– It was the first one weekend seminar
– Class was about scholars in Islam. Here is a short summary of the scholars that were taught.

  • Hafsa Bint Seereen (who was a daughter of the Persian slave who married Safiyaa, a slave girl from the family of Abu Bakr raa. Hafsa Bint Seereen was quoted as “The master of the taabi’aat (the second generation)” by Ibn Abi Dawood.
  • Umm Darda’a As Sughraa, the wife of one of the greatest companions of the rasool sallahu alayhi wa sallam, Abu Darda. Umm Dara was a scholar of jurisprudence and hadeeth. Her story for her love for her husband is well known. Upon his death, Umm Darda said to her husband “You asked for my hand from my parents as a young lady and I am proposing to you to be my husband in Jannah.” Later, when Mua’wiyyah (raa) proposed to her she said, “I will not accept to be the wife of anyone in the hereafter other than Abu Darda.”
  • Abdullah bin Mubarak, quoted as “Al-Imam, Sheikh al-Islam, the scholar of his time, Amir of the righteous and he was a hafidh, mujahid..” by Ibn Wadhiah. He was incredibly well known for his knowledge of hadith and was considered the best faqih. His father worked for a farm owner. Once the owner came to the farm with his guests and asked his father to get the best pomegranate from the farm. He went and got an un-ripened one. The owner asked him to go again and get the best; however, he came back again with an unripened one. The owner showed at him in frustration, “O ahmaq, I asked for a ripened pomegranate, and you keep bringing un-ripened ones. What is wrong with you?” His father replied, “By Allah, I never tasted pomegranate before because you never gave me permission; therefore, I cannot tell the ripened from un-ripened.” The owner was so impressed with his honesty that he married one of his daughters to him and the fruit of that marriage was Abdullah bin Mubarak. He was an incredibly humble and generous man who lived strictly according to the sunnah. He used to say that every God fearing believer is most certainly concerned about 4 things: 1) A sin that was committed and its fate is unknown (whether Allah accepted the repentance or not. 2) A life span full of uncertainty. 3) A test or trial that he/she looks at as a bounty. 4) Heedlessness of the heart that he/she may never come back from.
  • Fatimah bint Abdul Malik, who came from family of Khalifa’s. She married Omar bin Abdul Aziz. She always lived a very very comfortable life, but she gave it all up when her husband Omar bin Abdul Aziz became khalifa and decided to live an incredibly simple life. We learn from her story the importance of humility for the sake of Allah.
  • Fatima Al Samarqandiyah, who’s full name was Fatimah bint Muhammad bint Ahmad Al-Samarqandi (rahim Allah). Her father and husband were both jurists. She learnt a lot from her father and she had the capacity to authorize fatawa just as much as her father and her husband. She was very knowledgeable and it was well known that her husband would seek her advice in legal matters and would trust her verdict over his own.
  • Amrah bint Abdurrahman bin Sa’ad bin Zurarah Al Ansaari (raa) , grew up under the care of A’isha bint Abu Bakr (raa). She narrated a large number of ahadeeth and the scholars would not question any of her narrations from A’isha raa. She was incredibly gentle and kind in her dealings with others. Her kindness stemmed from the ahadeeth that she narrated from A’isha raa.
  • Laith bin Sa’ad was a master in fiqh and hadith and was known to be the ‘behind the scenes’ controller of Egypt in 94H. Alhafith Abu Nu’aim is known to have said “He, may Allah have mercy on him, was the fqaih, the huadith and the crown of Egypt. He was the governor, and the Judge. Anyone of authority in Egypt wouldn’t do anything without his consent.” Bin Wahab is quoted to have said “If it were not for Imam Malik and Imam Laith bin Sa’ad, people would go astray.”
  • A’taa bin Abi Rabah who was a physically challenged slave who became one of the elite scholars at the time of the companians. Abu Hanifa who was one of his students is quoted to have said, “I have not seen anyone better than A’taa bin Abi Rabah.” He was very humble and modest. He used to say “Learn ‘ilm and Allah will elevate you. Don’t disgrace yourself by being jahil and don’t raise yourself by being ‘alim.” He used to be very very still in his salah and Ibn Jareej once quoted “I was with A’taa for 18 years. When he became old, he used to recite 200 ayahs in one rak’a and he would not move.”
  • Zubaidah bint Jafar married Haroon Ar-Rashid in 165 AH during the khalifah of Al-Mahdi. She was known to be very generous, and with her own money she built large dwellings for travellers to rest during their journey, digging a well for Hujjaj in Makkah, building masajid and establishing a hifdh program for girls in her palace.
    SubhanAllah Allah preserved the lives of these people so that others could be like them. These scholars are examples of individuals who were able to follow the footsteps of the rasool Allah sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam in their lives. May Allah grant them peace.
    Al Maghrib’s upcoming class is called Chain of Command: Sciences of Hadith taught by Shaykh Abdulbary Yahya. This is a very important class as it teaches about muhadiths and how they were and are able to preserve the teachings of the rasoolAllah sallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam by the will of Allah (swt). For more information please visit

A signs of The Day: The Greenest City in the World – To be built in 10 years in Abu Dhabi:

Title – Artist- Album – Time – Source (if available publicly)

The Mountain – Hamza Robertson – Show Me (4:19)

You can’t take it with you – Wharnsby, Bhikha, Abdul Malik (4:10)


Jan 18,25,…
Light Upon Light: A Time to Reflect on our Book
Sheikh Abdurrahman Al-Hejazy, the Deputy Imam of the Main Ottawa Mosque
Every Friday at 7pm
Main Ottawa Mosque, 251 Northwestern Ave.

Jan 25, Feb. 8…

Under His Shade Exploring the Names of Allah
(SWT) – Featuring Al-Azhar Scholar Dr. Hadeer Abo El Nagah – MAC Youth Learn
Biweekly on Fridays, @ 7pm
5050 Minto Centre, Carleton University.

Jan 30
Learning from the Teddy Bear Incident: Key
Lessons for MSA Workers with Imam Zaid Shakir –
@ 10pm EST.
RSVP: E-mail
to receive the call information today! .

Feb 1
17th Annual Symposium on Conflict Resolution
R.A. Centre, Ottawa –
Identity-based Conflict, Human Security and Peacekeeping.

Feb 21
International Writer’s Festival – @ 7:30 pm
A Soldier’s Memory of Sarajevo Under Siege with Fred Doucette
Library and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street
$12 General / $10 Student or Senior / Free for Festival Members


Well, as you may or may not know…Native Deen is coming to town. Yes, they are coming to our very own Ottawa inshAllah ta’ala in February. Listen to Radio Islam on Sundays on Chin Radio from 8pm-9pm to hear more about that inshAllah or visit and/or

Here’s an excellent new song by Native Deen called, “Not Afraid to Stand Alone” you can watch their new video on you tube inshAllah.


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January 15, 2008

Host: Ahmed Khalil


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Supplication – Sami Yusuf [youtube]

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