Dthul-Hijja 18 – OC Transpo Strike + Reality of Christmas + Michael Jackson Converts to Islam

December 16, 2008 at 6:00 pm 1 comment

Host: Mafro (GreenKufi)


The OC Transpo strike is in its seventh day now and there has been a lot of grief building up in the city. Many are finding extremely difficult to get to work, school, or the places they volunteer at. Especially those who rely heavily on the public transportation system to get around.

I spoke with one individual who was concerned about loosing her job because she couldn’t make it to work. There is a bit of recompense in these difficult times. There are many people who are resorting to carpooling in an effort to get to the places they need to be. This opens up a great opportunity to connect with the community and an excellent chance for Dawah, as one brother points out.
“You have asked Allah to give you an opportunity to make dawah to your non-Muslim neighbors and friends with a view to showing them the true Islam, and now the opportunity has fallen on your lap. Consider offering a ride to work to someone you don’t know during the current transit strike.” Says Br. Yahya .
If you are interested you can visit www.ottawacarpool.ca or http://www.ottawaridematch.com.
I might add, even if the strike is over and you find yourself still using your car, perhaps you could consider continuing with carpooling to work, or school, or wherever it is you are driving to.

Christmas and Islam
Is Christmas from Christianity? [IslamicTube.net or youtube]
Ask Baba Ali – Escaping the Holiday Party [IslamicTube.net or youtube]

Small Deeds – Native Deen

Mountains of Makkah – Zain Bhikha

Can’t U See – Rashid Bhikha featuring Abdul-Malik Ahmad

How can you Deny? – No Beats Necessary

Community News

The AMA (Assunnah Muslims Association) has some exciting news.

The progress of the Islamic Center Project has completed its second phase. The Second Phase Consisted of preparing the land for building, establishing services to the site (e.g., watermain, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, etc) and establishing roads and parking lots.

Alhamdulillah, all these components have been completed and the site is ready to build the Masjid.

You can see the latest photos here. And if you poke around you can find their presentation

We pray that Allah makes it easy to finish building the Masjid.

Please consider donating to get the reward from Allah of a SADAQA JARIYAH…

Unfortunately, a beautiful little forest had to be cut down to create this Masjid.


Al-Maghrib Institute wishes everyone a Eid Mubarak!

May Allah (swt) accept from you and your families and shower you with His forgiveness.

With the Grace of Allah, we have planned for you a very exciting 2009 with so much coming your way. Here are only some of what we have in store:

* Brand new instructors
* First Inter Qabeelah Competition
* More frequent Ilminars
* Higher quality seminars
* and much much more…

We pray Allah (swt) continues to bless your path to seeking knowledge.

AlMaghrib Institute


Global Muslim News

Michael (now Mikaeel) Jackson Converts to Islam, finally. The now “Malik” of Pop was counseled by David Wharnsby, a Canadian songwriter, and Phillip Bubal, a producer, who have both converted. He took his shahada in the presence of Dawud Wharsnby, Yusuf Islam, and Idris Phillips. Of course we all know that the Shahada is pledging elegance to submitting to Allah’s will and command, and not an elegance to the “Koran”, as many of these reports have mentioned.
Also, It seems as though the law suite against the new convert to Islam has been settled outside of court.Jackson_Niqabi
I wonder if people are going to start saying that men are oppressed in Islam because of (dare I say – [Br.]) Micheal’s antics (or should he be Uncle Michael) of wearing the Niqab? (No, wait, it should be Aunti Mikaeel – yeah – that sounds about right) – {I made a funny}

Moment of Zen “Subhan Allah! That Actually happened”

Has anyone seen this crazy video where an Iraqi Journalist throws his shoes at Bush? This is Crazy. What if he had a weapon!!! How did the Secret service not stop this guy. Wow. That’s all I’m going to say.

Apparently this has stirred a bit of a discussion in the world; with words like “shoegate” and questions like:

“Why did he throw his shoes?” “What does a shoe represent in Arab culture?” “Is a wing tip shoe more of a statement than a sandal?” “Did the reporter throw the shoes he was wearing or do Arabs carry spare shoes with them to throw when they are angry?”
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  • 1. As'sma  |  December 16, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    I think it is important for Muslims to explain to their co-workers that we muslims do not celibrate X-Mas there for we will not attend their parties.


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