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There are about 60,000 Muslim in Ottawa. Here are some places where you can find them:

(Masajid) Mosques and Islamic Centers


Islamic Information Centre 312 Lisgar St. Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0E2 (613) 232-0210 [MAP]

Main Mosque – Ottawa Muslim Association 251 Northwestern Ave. Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 0M1 Mailing address: P.O. Box 2952, Station D, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5W9. (613) 722-8763 email: oma@omaonline.ca [MAP]

Masjib Bilal – Islamic Society of Cumberland 4509 Innes Road, Orleans, Ontario K4A 3J7 (613) 841-0786 email: info@masjidbilal.org [MAP]

Jami Omar 572 Moodie Drive Nepean, Ontario K2H 6P6 (613) 828-4495 Hot Line: 613-864-6511 email: jamiomar@jamiomar.org [MAP]

Assalam Mosque Topaz Plaza 2335 St. Laurent Blvd Ottawa, Ontario K1G 5G6 (613) 739-3939 [MAP]

The Outaouais Islamic CentreCentre islamique de l’Outaouais (CIO)
4 Rue Lois, Gatineau, Québec J8Y 3R1, (819) 776-1831 email: info@cio-oic.org [ MAP]

Musalas and Prayer Rooms and Houses

More coming soon. And by “soon”, we don’t mean months. Just give us a couple of days, insh’Allah.

Abu Bakr Musallah
3-1470 Morriset Dr. Buzz 9229
Ottawa, Ontario
792-1810 Map

Dar Al-Arkam Musallah
200D Woodridge Cr.
Ottawa, Ontario Map

Dar-ul-salam Musallah
Afghan Association of Ottawa
103-1244 Donald St.
Ottawa, Ontario Map

Ottawa University MSA
647 King Edward Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario Map

Carleton University MSA
1125 Colonel By Dr.
Room 227B Unicentre
Ottawa, Ontario Map

Algonquin College
Woodroffe Campus
Room WB317
Nepean, Ontario
algonquinmsa@hotmail.com Map

Taqwa Musallah
117 Mann Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 233-5256 MapAl-Rahma Musallah
804-1975 St. Laurent Blvd.
Ottawa, Ontario
736-6547 Map

2401 Bank St.
Ottawa, Ontario
247-0674 Map

Muslim Non-Profit Housing
467 Laurier Ave. West
Ottawa, Ontario
594-3911 Map

Qubaa Musallah
1390 Prince of Wales Dr. 3rd Fl
Ottawa, Ontario Map

As-Sahaba Musalla
2835 Dumaurier Ave
Ottawa, ON, Canada
321-5459 Map

Muslim Hangouts

First to make our list of Muslim Hangouts: Mosaic Buffet [MosaicBuffet.com]
Ottawa’s first all Halal Indopak/Chinese Restauraunt.
Also, Ottawa’s first Muslim owned banquet centre.
We’ve seem many Ottawa Muslim Celebrities at this Beautiful Restaurant. Prices are powerfully competetive, and the food is worth writing home about. (We did). No more waiting to go to Toronto for Halal Chinese. In fact, last time I was is Toronto, I didn’t bother going out for Chinese. Mosaic beats the chappal off Toronto’s Halal Chinese joints.

We are making our next choice. Read about this in the FAQ


Efes Turkish Restaurant

Mosaic Buffet

Yaseen Halal Pizza & Bakery
Yaseen Halal Pizza & Bakery

More coming soon.

And by “coming soon”, we don’t mean in months. Just give us a couple of days, insh’Allah.


The Henna Touch

More coming soon.

And by “coming soon”, we don’t mean in months. Just give us a couple of days, insh’Allah.


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