Muslim Hangouts

The Muslim Hangout list is a set of Mosques/centers/schools/restaurants that we (and you) think are worthy of being Muslim Hangouts. This section is not just a listing of locations. It is more subjective. Will only list cool/interesting/unique Hangout or places that seem to be poplular Hangouts. [For those who remember: places like A.L.M.I]

First to make our list of Muslim Hangouts: Mosaic Buffet []
Ottawa’s first all Halal Indopak/Chinese Restauraunt.
Also, Ottawa’s first Muslim owned banquet centre.
We’ve seem many Ottawa Muslim Celebrities at this Beautiful Restaurant. Prices are powerfully competetive, and the food is worth writing home about. (We did). No more waiting to go to Toronto for Halal Chinese. In fact, last time I was is Toronto, I didn’t bother going out for Chinese. Mosaic beats the chappal off Toronto’s Halal Chinese joints.

We are making our next choice. Want to suggest a place? email us at hangouts [at] salamottawa [dot] ca

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