Salam Ottawa is a volunteer community based radio program broadcast over 93.1 CKCU FM located at Carleton University Campus, every Tuesday from 5 to 6 PM.

Salam Ottawa is a Muslim volunteer Radio Program that began in 2000 with only 5 minutes of air time to hear the Adthan over the Air. It evolved over the years to become a high quality radio broadcast available live over the air, online, and most recently via podcast.



Features of the new SalamOttawa and the new SalamOttawa.ca:

  • You can call us live during the show to make a request or talk about something you’ve heard.
  • You can listen to us live online and on 93.1FM.
  • You can listen to the segments of the show using the mini-media players in each post after the live show is over.
  • You can leave us comments at the end of each post.
  • You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can chat with us live online during the show using meebo (in the sidebar).
  • You can look up all previous shows in the archives (in the sidebar).
  • You can use our 60K Muslim directory.
  • You can vote on our weekly polls right on our site.
  • You can Donate online using paypal, or contact us to donate.

For help with any of this please read our FAQ section.



To see Muslims in Ottawa and the region have a significant contribution to a productive society and to influence the events that shape our world.



To provide a clear voice for the Muslims of Ottawa and the region to spread Islam’s message of peace, unity, and the oneness of Allah while broadcasting art, news and information about Islam and the Muslim community in Ottawa, Canada and the world.



  • SalamOttawa started out as an MSA project at Carleton University, 7 years ago (in 2000), during Ramadan, when 5 minutes were taken to have the Adthan on air for the first time in Ottawa
  • The 5 minutes became 30 minutes every week, and then gradually an hour a week
  • The show has been run by students for many years, until many of them graduated, and some stayed on, taking it up to a more professional level
  • The show was originally pre-recorded, and then in 2006 it became live
  • There used to be a technician and a host for every show
  • Now each broadcast is live and is a one-person job
  • Many brothers and sisters were involved: Sr. Hadeel Al-Shalchi, Sr. Aisha Aghliw, Sr. Sagal Searag, Br. Muhammad Elkadri, Br. Saeed Al-Muselhi, Br. Osama Adassi, Br. Haissam Dahan, Br. Ahmad Alqadri, Br. Amjad Farran, Sr. Lama Hammam, Sr. Aula Beseiso, Br. Ahmed Luqman, Br. Wajid Sayed, etc.
  • Now the show is run by two brothers; Ahmed Khalil and Omar Mahfoudhi…
  • We started posting the radio content on environmentalcritique.blogspot.com in January 2007
  • We then started started a blog dedicated to Salam Ottawa in May 2007
  • By December 2008 we launched our new site and our presence on Facebook and twitter.
  • By Januaray 2009 we would have launched our new site with our podcast service

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