Email Disclaimer:

IMPORTANTThese emails are not spam.  Spam is stuff that tries to get you to forward strange messages that make no sense or have a dumb story that every one already knows, to every person on your contact list and doesn’t give you the option to opt out* of those annoying messages, or is email that tries to sell you junk that you don’t need. Salam Ottawa, you need!

*OPT OUT*:: We try our best not to bother people who don’t want to be bothered (sorry if you are still bothered, as you just read, we tried). This is not a mailing list. YOU are one of my personal contacts, and are getting this email because I care. If you want me to stop bugging you about Salam Ottawa just reply back saying you “Don’t Care About Local Muslim Radio Station Salam Ottawa Giving Ottawa Muslims a Voice Over the Air” in the subject line or the body of the e-mail, I will never bug you again (intentionally or within my capacity). Also, if you donate generously to the show I’ll stop bugging you. ;)


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