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Dhul-Qi’dah 20 – New SalamOttawa + Muslim Link + Muslims in China + Muslim Schools

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

HOST: GreenKufi (Omar)

QURAN: Surat Yaa-Seen


Largest Religion in the world: Islam
Clip: Next Eid Call in
What to do this Eid – A look at all the Eid activities: Tell us at 613-520-2528 today betwen 5 & 6pm, or vote below (like good Candians do): Clip:

Clip: Not afraid to stand alone:
Clip:Silent victims Discussion
Silent victims in Ottawa’s shelter crisis by Sr. Lula Adam
The headline, “Thousands turned away from Ottawa women’s shelters,” on the front page of the Oct. 7 issue of the Ottawa Citizen has elicited shock and concern. Many question how it is possible that over 5,000 women seeking safe haven are turned away each year from local women’s shelters. As shocking as this number is, it is an incomplete picture. Many of hese women who are turned away have children. If it is difficult to find a bed for one woman, imagine how difficult it is to find multiple beds for a woman with five children. We are not only turning away women—we are also turning away their children. In some cases temporary shelter is found for women who escape violence with their children, however other children are being condemned to remain in homes that are not safe. Children are being reared in homes that are infested with a societal disease called violence. This disease has infected our community and it threatens the future of our nation. Violence against women when witnessed by children is also child abuse. Additionally it is a drain on our community’s human, financial and future resources. Without community support, children who witness such violence may be caught in a cycle that leads them to believe that violence is the most effective communication tool. Whether these children grow up to become victims or perpetrators of violence, the larger community is deeply affected.
Yes, it is shocking that thousands of women are being turned away from shelters. What is also appalling is that children are the silent victims in the shortage of shelter beds. These children do not have safe and nurturing upbringings, yet we as a community expect them, by some miracle, to grow up to be contributing members of society. According to Statistics Canada,domestic violence affects 7 per cent of women and their families in Ontario. Over 800,000 women in Ontario living in a common-law or marital relationship experienced physical and/or sexual assault by a spousal partner at least once during 2004 to 2006. And when we speak of violence against women, we are also speaking about the effect that violence has on their children. Children witness abuse in 40 per cent of violent relationships and 100 per cent of these children are impacted by the violence. If as a community we are unable to ensure the safety of every woman and child, then we need to invest in services within our community to support them. It is time to speak up for healthy homes, healthy communities and safe places for women and children. Our future—our children—depend upon it.
To learn more about violence against women and its impact on children please visit our website

Lula Adam is the Public Education Coordinator of Interval House of Ottawa, a local shelter for women and children fleeing violence

Community Reviews: Brand New Halal Restaurant on 230 Herzberg Road Just off of Carling Avenue.
Food type: Indo-Pak-Chinese Buffet. Price: Excellent. Features: Huge place, Comfortable, NO Alcohol! Excellent for families, and large groups.
Menu: Lots of Items to choose from. Includes typical Indo-Pak-Chinese menu with a little bit of Thai.
Clip: Uighur Muslims of Western China:
The Plight of Muslims in China’s western Xinjiang province:
Officials in China’s western Xinjiang province have stepped up pressure on the region’s ethnic Uighur population during the holy month of Ramadan, and against other day-to-day Muslim practices. You can send a protesting email to the Chinese embasy here in Ottawa.

Reminder: Doing Good in Unison
Reminder: Muslim Schools (Scary?)

Al-Burdah by Ahmed Bukhatir
Can’t take it with you by Wharnsby, Bhikha, and Abdulamlik
Mountains Of Makkah by Bkikha

For all the Mothers out there who think they’ve been forgotton, and those new mothers who feel overwhelmed, and those soon to be mothers who are anxious and worried, this one is for you:
My Mon is Amazing by Naadira Ali
Clip: wrapping up

A blast from the past:
MYNA Raps: Deenin’


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Dhul-Qi’dah 5 – Last Week of Funding Drive + Salam Ottawa History

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

HOST: Ahmed Khalil

Quran: Surat Al-Baqarah: v. 261 to v.


History of SalamOttawa

Dr. Jeffrey Lang – From Atheism To Islam Part 3 of 4 & Part 4 of 4

Zamilooni – Native Deen & Zain Bhikha

Allah knows – Zain Bhikha & Dawud Wharnsby

Why Are The Drums So Silent – Dawud Wharnsby

The Prophets Hands – Dawud Wharnsby Ali

Supplication – Sami Yusuf


MAC Youth Learn’s series, In the Footsteps of Sahabiyat, Session #03on Friday, Nov. 7th, @ 7pm @ 5050 MC Carleton University

– MAC Give is helping the Snowsuit Fund of Ottawa, for moreinformation email

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Last Appeal – Please Donate

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

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Shawwal 28 – Funding Drive + A Look Back at Salam Ottawa’s History

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

HOST: GreenKufi (Mafro)


Giving Charity.


  • SalamOttawa started out as an MSA project at Carleton University, 7years ago, during Ramadan, when 5 minutes were taken to have the adhanon air for the first time in Ottawa
  • The 5 minutes became 30 minutes every week, and then gradually an hour a week
  • The show has been run by students for many years, until many of themgraduated, and some stayed on, taking it up to a more professionallevel
  • The show was originally pre-recorded, and then 3 years ago it became live.
  • There used to be a technician and a host every show; but now it is aone-person job
  • Many brothers and sisters were involved: Sr. Hadeel Al-Shalchi, Sr.Aisha Aghliw, Sr. Sagal Searag, Br. Muhammad Elkadri, Br. SaeedAl-Muselhi, Br. Osama Adassi, Br. Haissam Dahan, Br. Ahmad Alqadri,Br. Amjad Farran, Sr. Lama Hammam, Sr. Aula Beseiso, Br. Ahmed Luqman,Br. Wajid Hasan, etc.
  • Now the show is run by two brothers, Ahmed Khalil and Omar Mahfoudhi…
  • Started Posting the Radio content on January 2007
  • Started Our Website/Blog in May 2007

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Shawwal 14 – Elections Day + should Muslims vote and for who? + Fund Drive

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

HOST: Omar (GreenKufi)

Discussion: Should Muslims Vote in North American Politics and if so for who?

Dr. Jamal Badawi speaks to on Muslim participation in North American politics

Main points of Dr. Badawi’s discussion:

Islam is a complete way of living, and thus there is no such thing as Political Islam.

Regarding the participation of Muslims in North American politics there are two major opinions:

  • There are some people who oppose it and some even say it is unlawful,
  • There are those who say under some qualification it is permissible.

The common ground that all Muslims should agree upon:

  1. If a Muslim believes that there is any human being who has the right to make laws other than Allah then obviously this is total divergence from the path of Islam.
  2. If a person participates in an activity or process which is completely opposed to the foundations of Islam in its basic beliefs, then of course that would be also totally out.

Other than these two points, the discussion as to whether it is permissible or not, is an area where there is room for different interpretations. It falls within what the Muslim jurists call as Siyassah Sharaiyya which means just to look after the affairs and benefits of the Muslims which are subject to interpretation within the basic boundaries and rules of Islamic law.

A lot of times people keep arguing about small details and magnify the differences without even being clear as to what methodology they are using to come up with this understanding. If you’re asking about methodology my conclusion is that since there is no definitive, direct, underline direct, text in the Quran and Sunnah that does not specifically answer the question of the setting here in North America, there are texts that could be interpreted to relate to that, then the issue is not really an issue of the foundation of faith, it is an issue, like I indicated earlier, of Siyassa Shariah, it’s a matter of running and conducting the affairs of the Muslim Ummah depending on the particular circumstances.

One of the great scholars of Islam, Shaikh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyya rahim Allah (may Allah have mercy on him), while some people might consider him to be conservative on some issues, in fact he has been so open-minded.

He said suppose the enemies of Islam invade Muslim lands and rule according to their own law. In other words, they frustrate the application of Shariah, and they’re ruling according to their own secular non-Islamic or maybe anti-Islamic type of laws. And then they go to a Muslim to serve as a judge. Should he accept the position or not? I would not tell you how Ibn Taymiyya answered that question, but I can tell you what some people today might say. What do you think they would say?

They would say how come? If he accepts, he would be a Kaffir. He would be outside of Islam. Why? Because he accepts to be the implementor, as a judge, of a law other than the law of Allah, knowingly. He should refuse.

But do you know what Ibn Taymiyya said? He said that he should accept. Do you know the reason he gave?

He said, under the circumstances, the presence of a Muslim judge who fears Allah, even though he cannot control, of course, the law, that’s beyond his ability, but his presence in his position, is more likely in comparative terms, to bring greater justice because you know any judge can use his own judicial discretion. There is some area of flexibility. He can use his judicial discretion to achieve the greatest amount of justice as compared to a non-Muslim or a person who does not believe in Shariah or does not fear Allah, he could be an oppressive judge following the system fully and wholeheartedly, who would even bring greater harm to people.
In fact, some scholars even refer to an interesting situation at the time of Prophet Joseph alayhis Salam (peace be upon him). You know Prophet Joseph was in Egypt. He was not a lawmaker yet he was the one even who offered to be in charge of the distribution of food supplies before the famine started.

Some scholars comment and say there is no question that Joseph was occupying this high ministerial position in the state position of power under a system that was definitely contrary to the teaching of Allah. There’s no question. He was ruling or taking authority and control in a system where he could not stop, for example, the Pharaoh and other chieftains from getting more than their fair share.

Yet, still, his fear of Allah, his wisdom and the position of power that he occupied enabled him to serve masses of people who otherwise could have starved from not doing that. That’s basically the reasoning given by Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyya on this issue.

Why Not Voting May Be a Sin by Abdul Malik Mujahid. Source:

Should We Vote source:


Ottawa Ridings:


Young G aka JIHAD ~ M.E. Stories I

Young G aka JIHAD ~ M.E. Stories II

Meccah by SEVEN8SIX

Takin Charge – by Brothahood

Subhanallah Nasheed by Labbayk


America’s Funniest Muslim

Ask Baba Ali – “The Art of Complaining”

Announcements and Events:

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October 30, 2007 Broadcast

Host Name: Omar

Audio Broadcast:

Seasonal Muslims, with Baba Ali – time 8 minutes [UmmahFilms]

Speaking of seasons, it’s beautiful outside these days. A little cool but just comfortable. There is something that is unfortunately attached to this beautiful season. And that is Halloween. And as Muslims we know that these practices are contradictory to Islamic teachings: – 11:22 minutes. [Youtube

Nasheed -Alahuma Toob Alayna – [5:43 | Youtube]
Eid Mubarak – 4:30
Sami Yusuf, Hasbi Rabi – 6:16 minutes
I am the Deen – Native Deen


–Funding Drive for CKCU FM. Please donate to keep programming such as this alive. Also please send us your IDEAS.

–Six days of shawal fasting. There are still a few days of shawal. Just enough for us to squeeze in the days of fasting that are recommended to fast. Shawal ends around November 9th.

–Being the last show of this month, which happens to be Islamic History Month here is a documentary about the History of Islam in Europe [Google Video]


Please check


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