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Week 13 – Imam Khalid, the Citizen, and the Youth: call-in! George Galloway Banned in Canada from Speaking at a Peace Organization

Hosts: Omar (GreenKufi) & Ahmed Khalil


ArRa’d [ch. 13 v. 5-11 | Recited by Abdullah Basfar -عبد الله بن علي بصفر ]
“Verily Allah will never change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls)” (3:37 – 8:24)


Imam Khalid, the Citizen’s article and the Youth:

Controversy AheadThere is this illness amongst many people, and we’ve see this in the character of critics of Islam as well. Since, they can find no qualm with the essence, basis, and fundamentals of something they must pick on the minor details that alone may seem unusual, yet in full context are the salt and pepper of all that is beautiful. People who wish to defame Islam will find nothing that contravenes logic in the basics and fundamental of this beautiful religion. Instead they spend their entire lives and the focus of their life’s workon debating wheatehr a word meaning raisins or women. This seems to be no different when it comes to this issue here in Ottawa with our Imam Khalid may Allah protect him and aid him. People ignore the fact that he is a qualified, well versed, Imam and scholar of Islam. Something Ottawa has been starving for for some time. Yet when people have some concerns about the community at large (justifiably or not) their actions reflect how much they really care about these concerns deep down in side. In other words, no action means no care. So why all the noise? Well as one of our listeners said, “Muslims like to talk”. And in the case of Imam Khalid treat him like “a drop off box”.

Now of course we can’t expect the Ottawa Citizen to realize this. Far from them being a balance source of information about Muslims, it is also a non-Muslim entity that could not possible understand the intricacies of Islam and Muslim (whom have shown to be very complex, socially). But what we did expect, naively as it was, that the Muslims who had their concern would have addressed it where it matters; within the Muslim community.

I can’t imagine, now that the Ottawa Citizen has published this article that we will be seeing droves of Imams crawling out of the wood works. Nor would we expect that the general Ottawa public will have something valuable to contribute when it comes to managing a Masjid.  The reality is that the situation we are in is a result of our own apathy. Our own indifference, our own laziness, our own ignorance, and our own inaction.

Unfortunately, because some of our elders have lived their lives with indifference, it is natural that our youth would follow suite, except those whom Allah guides, of course.

There is no denying that the youth are in a dire situation, and a dire need of spiritual uplift. But the citizen? Really? They could have come to us, here on Salam Ottawa, or the Muslim Link, or other imams in town, or other community leaders, if they felt the Muslim public should know. In fact, I would love to have them on Salam Ottawa in order to properly hear what they have to say. I seriously doubt the Citizen had the Muslim youth’s interest in mind when editing their piece.

Perhaps these youth really do have something to say. So how about those youth head over to Slam Ottawa (the only Muslim Radio program in Ottawa) to have their say heard without the editing hand on the citizen puppeteering Muslims against each other.

Now it is true. The youth are in a totally differnt dimension than many of the Imams that are being offered as spiritual guidance. But then they are also in an absolutely differnt dimension than many of thier parents.

So what is the solution? Those who talk and care should be stepping up to take on the resoponsibility of building Muslim community. I’m not talking about mosques, by the way. Not even Islamic centers. I’m talking about building people. From our elders and our parents to the community works and the youth. everyone needs to step up and be  Muslim in all that the word means.

Be a Muslim in our behaviour. Be a Muslim in our daily actions. Be a Muslim in how we feel about things.

The prophet peace be upon him said: “Whoever does not give care to the affairs of the Muslims is not one of them”. The arabic word is beautiful in this hadit; Yahtam. It does not simply mean “care” in the sense of a thought or feeling. It means those who move either internaly or in their actions when the Muslims are in need. So where are teh people of himmah or ambitoon and action? Well, they are busy with thier lives. Oh, so their family and children… No, no no. Children? The school takes care of them. Then I drop them off after school to the brother to learn quran and that’s it.

Where is the care and action with your children? The onse who now have grown up and know no where better to turn than the Ottawa Citizen. Why aren’t we as a whole community caring for our community?


Local News

George Gallaway banned from Attending a peace meeting in Ottawa next week:

Weekly Tadthkirah

Pride and Arrogance:
The Prophet peace and blessing of Allah be upon him said:
“He shall not enter paradise whosoever has in his heart even an atom’s worth of pride.”

Green Kufi’s Greening Muslims

Brought to you by Green Kufi Enviro
Don’t Forget Earth Hour this March 28, 2009. And just like many of the special hours, days, weeks, or months of the year that draw attention to important things we should be practicing the encouraged actions and habits all year round. It is our responsibility. Allah says in the Qura’an: (and we presented the “trust” (Amanah, responsibility, stewardship) to Heavens, and the Earth, and the mountains, but they declined to uphold it, so we had mercy upon them, so mankind upheld it” Al-Ahzaab 72.
As stewards and representatives Allah has given us guidelines and rules to follow. One of which is against mindless, wasteful and extravagant consumption. Islam teaches us to exhibit justice and conserve, and preserve what we have been given as a responsibility. Allah says:“And don’t be wasteful” and He also warns us that “In deed those who are wasteful are the brethren of devils”. Lets cut the waste and hit the power switch off when we don’t need it. Keep on Greening, Muslims.

Success Tip

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The Art of Complaining:


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Earth Day – Islam’s Perspective on the Environment and Things YOU Can Do

Host: Omar (Green Kufi)


For Islam’s Perspective on the Environment read these posts by Green Kufi:

How to green your life posted by Elsa Wenzel

What’s your footprint?
You can start off by finding out what your environmental footprint is from the environmental footprint calculator from the Earth Day Network. You may be quite surprised with the result.

Greener gadgets: Check the Energy rating of the products that you use, like EnergyStar certified appliances. Buy gadgets that don’t use PCPs, and toxic plastics, and metals. Like the MacBook Air for example.

Electronics waste:
Electronic waste is a huge problem. More than 3 million tons of e-waste wind up in landfills each year, according to the EPA. With the dawn of digital television, Americans will toss more than 80 million old TVs within the next two years, according Electronic Recyclers. If electronics aren’t properly disposed of, the Thousands of toxic chemicals used to make them can pollute natural resources and hurt people’s health.
What can you do? Hewlett-Packard and Dell have strong takeback programs. So does EcoNEW at Best Buy and Wal-Mart Stores, as well as TechForward. Also, “with a little creativity the life of old equipment can be extended. For example, an old desktop could serve as a music center to pipe MP3s throughout the house.”

Greener energy: Ottawa’s Alternative Energy Sources. For greener energy one easy way is to swap incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescents and LEDs, which can drastically reduce electrical costs. However, CFLs, which contain mercury, shouldn’t mix with the rest of the trash. Sylvania sells CFLs with reduced mercury.

Greener homes: Avoid toxins in your home since indoor air can be more toxic than air outdoors with the number of cleaning products that are used. Try cleaning products with fewer fumes, such as from “green” companies like Seventh Generation. Or, you can make your own eco-cleaners. Vinegar, for instance, can polish windows. A lemon cut in half with salt poured on top can scrub a sink.

Recycling: Don’t forget to Recycle. Glass bottles, aluminum cans, and newspapers are obvious recycling-ready items. As for questionable items, you’ll need to read the local rules to find out what’s landfill-bound or not. For example, narrow-necked plastic bottles labeled #1 or #2 are usually safe to toss in a recycling bin, while yogurt tubs are not accepted. And #7 labels both plant-based plastics that you could bury in the garden as well as less green, petroleum-based polycarbonate.
Food scraps can also be recycled. Composting fruit, vegetable, and yard waste makes powerful garden fertilizer. Tidy composting kits–including some with worms–can fit beneath a kitchen table without causing a stink.
In addition to nearby thrift stores such as Salvation Army, Internet operations like Craigslist, Freecycle, eBay, and SwapThing facilitate offloading other old stuff. Yahoo maps more reuse groups. What to do with dubious junk, like packing peanuts? Lookups at Lime and Earth 911 should help to recycle almost anything.

Greener transportation: For car owners: Car pool, plan routes for more efficient driving, consider fuel efficient cars over gas guzzlers, research fuel efficient cars, use your car less take public transportation, bike, or walk. Live near the places you will frequent in order to reduce driving time. Avoid ideling, it burs gas and spews emissions. Also, regular maintenance and oil changes also help, and “green” motor oil is a new product.

Green food: Buy local produce rather than imported goods. Try organic products, but if you don’t buy that, then consider growing your own produce. Especially the foods you use the most often, and are usually imported at your grocery.

For green food use you can use an interactive “Eat low carbon guide” from, which gives a sense of how much your meal could be warming the planet. Eat organic meat. A blooming Muslim business called Blossom Pure provide organic meat and dairy products along with other organic grocery for Muslims and anyone else. You can visit their website at Also, when grocery shopping, take your own bags instead of using the plastic bags at the store. With regards to bottled water. Well, a tremendous amount of energy is used in transporting bottled water. Just use tap water since bottled water is likely no safer or tastier.

Green your body:

Avoid bad personal health habits like smoking, bad eating, and consumption of toxins. Taking an extra step of ensuring the things you eat and drink, and apply to your body will be a practice that your body will repay you for in your older age.

Use beauty and cosmetic products that, if not organic, are at least biodegradable and from sustainable sources. Your grand children will thank you when they grow up and are able to enjoy the various water habitat wildlife that would have been wiped out had you used those serious chemicals.

Green your mail:
You can also green your mail. If only two percent of households switched to electronic from snail mail billing, more than 180,000 trees would be saved and more than 10 million gallons of gasoline wouldn’t need to be used, according to the PayItGreen Aliance of banks. If you have documents to send, try scanning them and sending them online instead of mailing them.
Sign up for electronic billing. Most companies offer it, and you can sign up with Canada Post to get e-post.

Green your reading:
How about green reading? Services built to make newspapers or magazines easier to read online, saving trees in the process, include Zinio, Zimbio, NewspaperDirect, and qMags–not to mention the Amazon Kindle. Bookworms can trade books with each other via BookMooch, Novel Action, Bookswap, and Swaptree. Sales of used books through Better World Books help to fund literacy programs. You can also go to your local library and read the newspaper there instead of getting a subscription yourself.

Just Plain Greening: Actually green some place by planting something. This time of the year is perfect for this kind of greening practice. You can join an organization that commits to planting trees and srubs to maintain the integrity of Green Spaces in your city, as well as rehabilitation of stream banks, etc. If you aren’t of the outdoors type of person you can have someone plant a tree for you in the rain forest for under CND$6. Through You will then get the coordinates for where your tree was planted, possibly some photos, and when it’s big enough you could probably see it on Google Earth.

Here is my baby tree.

For life-greening guides that delve into more detail than this story, check out those from the Green Guide, Treehugger, NRDC, and


Your Beauty – Hamza Robertson

The Everything Song – Dawud Wharnsby Ali

The Mountain – Hamza Robertson

Life Returns – Dawud Wharnsby

Sunshine, Dust, and the Messenger (Peace be upon him) – Dawud Ali Wharnsby

Give thanks to Allah – Zain Bhikha

How can you deny – NBN group

Silent Sunlight- Written by Yusuf Islam and sung by Dawud Ali Wharnsby

What did I do today – Dawud Ali Wharnsby

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