What is 60K?

SalamOttawa.ca provides other services and information, Like 60K.
60K is a Directory of Muslim Places of Worship, Centres, Businesses, and Services.

The Muslim Hangout list is a set of mosques/centers/schools/restaurants that we (and you) think are worthy hangouts. This section is more subjective and will only list cool/interesting/unique Hangout or places that seem to be poplular Hangouts. [For those who remember: places like A.L.M.I]

Why is my Mosque/Centre/Business not listed on 60K?

60K is a live list. This means that whenever we find out about an interesting service, or a new Mosque or Musala we will publish it.
If you don’t see a location or service that you think should be listed please contact us.

What’s up with the Music?

Please read the research conducted by Br. Yusuf Islam. [Music: A Question of Faith or Da’wah? |PDF]

How do I navigate SalamOttawa.ca?

SalamOttawa.ca is primariliy a [We]b[ L]og, or a series of articles known as posts. The content of each show is published into a post, and has it’s own page, which can be reached by clicking on the title of the post.


Each post is designated by a title (which links to the post page) and ends with a “comment bar” (which is where you can click to leave a comment).




You can easliy listen to salamottawa online by clicking on the “listen live” links on the right.>>

How Can I Contribute to the Show, or Communicate with the Hosts?

You can contribute financially by donating to the show by clicking on Donate if you have PayPal.>>
If you don’t have PayPal and would like to donate please go to the contact page to find out how.

To follow us on Facebook click the link on the right.>>

To contribute during the show you can talk to us by phone to share your thoughts or request to hear something. >>

You can also chat with us live! You don’t even need to sign up for anything. Just start typing in the meebo (Meebo) chat widget in right panel.


<< You will also be able to find all previouse shows by clicking on the corresponding month under the Archive widget (shown on the left).

Can I Listen to Previous Shows?

Actually, yes you can. Each show is recorded. The parts of the show that aren’t available through the links provided (e.g., youtube videos, Halal tube Links, etc.) can be heard by using the mini audio players in each show post. They look like this before you click them…wp_media-player
Once you click it, it will look like this…
You can even pause it, and come back to where you left off, as long as you don’t leave the web page.


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