October 6th

Hosts: Ahmed and Omar

– Hasbi Rabbi – Sami Yusuf

– Sharia Investing… It is about Ethics

– Where we Belong – Zain Bhikha

– Egypt Students Decry Niqab Restrictions

– Try Not to Cry – Sami Yusuf ft. Outlandish

– Israel Fans Al-Quds Fires: Palestinians

– Islamic Ethics and the Prophet’s Life – Tariq Ramadan

– What I believe – Tariq Ramadan

– Deen You Know – Native Deen
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– American Muslims on Obama’s Health Care

– Why are the Drums so Silent – Dawud Wharnsby
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NHL Muslim Draftee + Understanding our Condition + 1 Billion Hungry + Sadaqa Food Bank

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Host: Omar (GreenKufi) Mafro



First Muslim NHL Player.
Unfortunbately it seems he will not remain with the leafs fo now. But still a great inspiration for many of the young Muslims around Canada who love hockey so much.

Abdul Hakim Quick joins Almaghrib in Ramadan. He reminds us about kowing our condition:

World’s hungry reach record 1 billion – CBC

The number of hungry people has passed a record one billion this year at the same time that food aid is at a 20-year low, the United Nations World Food Programme said Wednesday in London.
The number of undernourished people in the world has grown largely due to higher food prices, according to the agency.
The organization is facing a serious shortfall so far, having confirmed only $2.6 billion in funding for its 2009 budget of $6.7 billion, it said in a statement.
“This comes at a time of great vulnerability for the hungry,” the agency said.
“Millions have been buffeted by the global financial downturn, their ability to buy food is limited by stubbornly high prices. In addition, unpredictable weather patterns are causing more weather-related hunger.”
About 65 per cent of the world’s hungry live in only seven countries: India, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia, according to the agency.

The Messenger of Allah P.B.U.H. said, ‘Whoever provides food for a fasting Muslim to break his fast, he will have the same reward as that of the fasting Muslim without reducing anything of his own reward.’
Sadaqa Food Bank
Halal Shop Food Drop Off Locations
El Marwa Halal Butcher Shop – 103 Mann Avenue
Al Jazeera Food Meat Market – 1101 Wellington Street
Desh Grocery – 366 Rideau Street
Kanata Kash N Karry – 5-60 Colchester Square
Food Village – 888 Meadowland Drive, Unit #5
Al-Rafiden Halal Meat Shop – 1061 Merival Road
Maya Market – 197 Norice St.
MF Food Mart – 850 Merivale Road
New Middle East Supermarket – 1755 Bank St.
Mattar Food Market – 1656 Bank St.
Al-Sham 4000 Bridel Path
Barwaaqo – 439 Olgivie Road
Mosque/Musallah Food Drop Off Locations
Islamic Info Centre – 312 Lisgar @ Bank
Ottawa Main Mosque – 251 Northwestern Ave.
Gatineau Masjid – 4 Lois St
Jami Omar – 572 Moodie Dr
Dar Assunah – 2401 Bank St
Masjid Assalaam – 2335 St. Laurent Blvd
Abrar School – 1085 Grenon Ave


I remember your smile
Still Strong
Be at the Top REMIX

Upcoming Action


October 1st, 2009
What: IHMC Banner Unveiling Day (Bosnian Folklore group – Dardan, address by dignitaries, refreshment)
Who: Ottawa Police Service
Where: Ottawa Police Headquarters at 474 Elgin Station, Ottawa
When: 4:00-5:00pm
Public Function, Free admission.
October 3rd, 2009
What: Expo Islamia and Launching Ceremony
Part 1:
What: Expo Islamia
Art displays and artefacts from around the Muslim World, clothes, Books, CDs, DVDs, some Canadian cultural displays, Henna by Ottawa’s “Henna Lady.”
Where: Canada Science and Technology Museum, 1867 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, Ontario at Conference Hall C
When: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Public Function, Admission Free to Expo Islamia
Part 2:
What: Launching Ceremony
Who: Performance by Turquaz Turkish Folk Dance Group, Music and reception
Where: Auditorium of Canada Science and Technology Museum
When: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Public Function, Refreshments, Admission Free to IHMC launching ceremony
October 5th, 2009
What: Introduction to Islamic History Month Canada
Who: Event hosted by the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, the Honourable John Baird
When: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Private Function, Free admission
October 8th, 2009
What: Film screening: The Furthest Mosque (25 minutes).
Where: North Gloucester Library at 2036 Ogilvie Road
When: 7:00 pm
Public Function, Free admission
Oct 15th, 2009
What: Film screening: “When The Moors Ruled in Europe,” Episode I.  Public Function at Where: Alta Vista Public Library at 2516 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa
When: 7:00 pm
Public Function, Free admission.
October 17th, 2009
What: Film screening: “When The Moors Ruled in Europe,” Episode II.  Public Function
Where: Ottawa Public Library at 120 Metcalfe St, Ottawa
When: 1:30 pm
Public Function, Free admission
Oct 22nd, 2009
What: Multifaith Panel Discussion on Equality for Women (Muslim, Unitarian, Christian, Jewish and Buddhist speakers).
Where: Ottawa Public Library at 120 Metcalfe St, Ottawa
When: 7:00 pm
Public Function, Free admission
October 24th, 2009
What: The Islamic Finance vs. Recent Global Crises (Islam’s Contribution to Equity Banking and Finance) — Main Event of IHMC 2009
Who: Dr. Toby Birch
Where: MC 2000 Minto Centre, Advanced studies for Engineering, Carleton University (close to Carleton book store), 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa
When: 6:30 pm
Public Function, Free admission
October 28th, 2009
What: Contributions and Integration of Canadian Muslims into Society by Imam Dr. Zijad Delic
Who: Canada Border Services Agency (Event coordinated by Dr. Salma Hefzy – Vice-Chair of the Visible Minorities Advisory Committee)
Where: Auditorium of the Ottawa public Library – Main Branch – 120 Metcalfe Street
When: 10:00 am -1:00 pm
Private Function, Free Admission
October 29th, 2009
What: Film screening: “Iran: Seven Faces of a Civilization.” Public Function
Where: Ottawa Public Library at 120 Metcalfe St, Ottawa
When: 6:00 pm
Public Function, Free admission.
October 31st, 2009 (1:30 pm – 5:00 pm)
Part 1:
What: Power Point lecture on the “Role of Muslim Scholars in Medicine” by Dr. Qais Ghanem, Creator and co-Host of Dialogue with Diversity, CHIN Radio
Where: Ottawa Public Library at 120 Metcalfe St, Ottawa
When: 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Public Functions, Free admission
Part 2:
What: Live demo presentation on Forensic Science by Mahmoud Abed, forensic scientist RCMP, Co-chair of RCMP HQ National Advisory Committee for Visible Minorities.
Where: Ottawa Public Library at 120 Metcalfe St, Ottawa
When: 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Public Functions, Free Admission
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Ramadan Reminders and the Quran

Quranic Recitiation form Surat al-kahf 82-94

Yousuf Estes – Ramadan Reminders

Virtues of Ramadan – Yasir Qadi

Dua at breaking fast

AlMaghrib Ramadan 1430 Shout Out – Yasir Birjas

Doing Good In Ramadan
How to Build a school with $1

Ramadan in Focus

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I’m Dreaming of a Green Ramadan + Ramadan Advice

How to Make Ramadan Last 11 Months


Ramadan Advice

By Hamza Yusuf


I’m Dreaming of a Green Ramadan

By Omar Mahfoudhi

Ramadan is upon us. We have a very few number of days left before this blessed annual guest arrives. Preparation for this month’s treasures have already begun. Muslim grocers have stocked up with the regular Ramadan delights; Mosques, centers, and organizations are preparing to host iftars for the masses; and groups are planning for their nightly devotions at their favourite Masjid. All are abuzz leading up to the Month of Quran. Yet, something remains amiss.

The culture surrounding Ramadan, since as far back as I can remember, is very much the very attitude many of us hold towards many of the quasi-religious and secular holidays and festivities that surround us; materialistic consumerism. It seems as though this month that teaches us about simplicity and humility, has lost that flavour. It seems as though, in order to taste the sweetness of Ramadan, we must indulge in tasting all sorts of sweets. From kulfi, to Baklawa. From gulab jamun, to knafa. We’ve simply lost the essence of minimalism and conservation that is one of the lessons Ramadan was intended to teach us.

So here are a few tips to make our Ramadan, and all our work a little bit more down to earth. There are a number of areas in which we can make our Ramadan have the same healing effect on the Earth as it would to our souls.

After all it is the Month of Quran. Lets take a little bit of time to renew our commitment to the responsibility Allah has entrusted us with. The trust and responsibility of being representatives of Allah, and managers of this Earth. Pay heed to the verses reminding us of our place on this earth and our duty towards in and it’s inhabitants, from people to animals; from plants to the inanimate resources that are the bounties Allah has blessed us with. Furthermore, I can’t imagine a better way to implement the the command of Allah to ponder his creation than by going out into the natural environments that so abundantly surrounds our city to explore the beauty of Allah’s creation and the might of His design, subhanah. I would say a beautiful habit to perhaps develop this Ramadan, that would also be a practice of the Prophet Mohammed’s tradition of seeking solitude in the outskirts of Makkah to worship and ponder upon Allah’s miracles.

It’s true there is much ethnic diversity within Islam and that along with that come diverse cultural traditions of food and drink. This in turn provides for a beautifully colourful array of deserts, and foods on the iftar spread. This i’m not about to critisize since I certainly enjoy my occasional ludu (waxy yellow ball). What I’m proposing is try to use local ingredients in your embarrassingly named “Ramadan Recipes”. Instead of using imported chickpea flour, use local produce. Instead of imported (and increadibly expensive) dairy products, consider Ontario dairy. This will help reduce your ecological footprint, and insha’Allah with the proper intention perhaps help you increase your foot print in Jannah.

While devoting our nights to prayer, and our days to remembrance of Allah and the study of the Quran we needn’t help the fat cats at the energy company milk more money out of our Mousques, Schools and centers. Use the light of the sun shining through the windows to read the Quran, and try prayeing in the dark or at least in low light. YOu’d be surprised what that can do for you in terms of increased tranquility and concentration (khushou’). Especially praying in the dark, giving an increased sense of solitude with your creator. Maybe this Ramadan climate change watchers may see a dent in the trends of emmisions due to energy use.

The same applies to our use of water. We could really do with the revival of some of the forgotten sunnan (traditions) of the prophet peace be upon him when it comes to the use of very little water in our ablution. Even though we live on the banks of the Ottawa river, consider the reminder the beloved gave his companion to conserve water even if at flowing river. I believe that applies very appropriately for us in Ottawa specifically and in Canada generally with one of the most abundant freshwater resources at our expense.

Lastly yet no less importantly, in fact quite significantly more important than many of the other points,

With all the iftars going on around town, and the huge numbers of people in i’tikaf in the Masajid just take a second to think about the amount of waste produced from disposable plates and cutlery, not to mention the enormous pile of PETE water bottles. I cant imagine it very difficult for masajid to invest in some reusable plates and cutlery. I mean we did it at our MSA at the University of Ottawa, and we all pitched in cleaning up afterwards.

Perhaps, with these tips we may not only be able to give our bodies a rest of all the food, along with the toxins we inadvertedly consume, we give our Mother Earth the rest she deserves from all the toxic, hurtful, wasteful habits we’ve plagued her with. This way she may leave us with more places to pray upon that will vouch for us on the day of recompense.

If your mosque or organization is interested in turning green you may be interested in looking up an interfaith networking organization called Faith and the Common Good. They are in the third phase of their project called GREENING SACRED SPACES. A program that help faith communities of all creeds work towards making their congregation and facilities more eco-conscious. [faith-commongood.net]

Upcoming Action:

Muslim Coordinating Council Youth is having an event at the Main Mosque this Friday called “Lifting the Veil – A discussion on youth identity” from 6 to 7pm. The price is a can of food for sadaqa food bank.

“We will provide you the opportunity to anonymously bring out any issues or experiences you’ve had as being a young canadian muslim.’’

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Protected: Local Wins Writing Award + Obama Pick Quits + Fisrt Sisters’ Mall + Really?

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Oi!!! Ramadan is Coming. Awesome Muslim Summer Fest. Laugh out Loud,

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Surat Verse [Recited by Abdullah Basfar -عبد الله بن علي بصفر ]


Towards an Outstanding Ramadan
Muhammad Alshareef:

Community News

Awesome Muslim Summer Fest


See our youtube Channel.


Uncle Sam
Australian Comedian (Muslim)

Upcoming Action

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Week 29: >-=[|} 99 {|]=-<

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Host: Omar (GreenKufi)


Surat Al-Anfal [Recited by Abdullah Basfar -عبد الله بن علي بصفر ]


The 99 – Comic Book Series to makes a joint comic with DC.
The 99 Joins forces with the Justice League.
Movies based on Marvel Comics.
Movies based on DC comics.

The 99 names of Allah – Bilal Philips

Community News

MuslimLink.ca July issue.
Remembering Ensumata

Muslim News


See our Youtube Channel at http://youtube.com/user/salamottawa

Upcoming Action

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