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Last Appeal – Please Donate

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

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Shawwal 28 – Funding Drive + A Look Back at Salam Ottawa’s History

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

HOST: GreenKufi (Mafro)


Giving Charity.


  • SalamOttawa started out as an MSA project at Carleton University, 7years ago, during Ramadan, when 5 minutes were taken to have the adhanon air for the first time in Ottawa
  • The 5 minutes became 30 minutes every week, and then gradually an hour a week
  • The show has been run by students for many years, until many of themgraduated, and some stayed on, taking it up to a more professionallevel
  • The show was originally pre-recorded, and then 3 years ago it became live.
  • There used to be a technician and a host every show; but now it is aone-person job
  • Many brothers and sisters were involved: Sr. Hadeel Al-Shalchi, Sr.Aisha Aghliw, Sr. Sagal Searag, Br. Muhammad Elkadri, Br. SaeedAl-Muselhi, Br. Osama Adassi, Br. Haissam Dahan, Br. Ahmad Alqadri,Br. Amjad Farran, Sr. Lama Hammam, Sr. Aula Beseiso, Br. Ahmed Luqman,Br. Wajid Hasan, etc.
  • Now the show is run by two brothers, Ahmed Khalil and Omar Mahfoudhi…
  • Started Posting the Radio content on January 2007
  • Started Our Website/Blog in May 2007

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Summer Time in Ottawa For Muslims + How to help out in the community

Host: MafroGreen Kufi

Qari Youssuf in Ottawa

“Afraid to Read” By Dawud Wharnsby Ali

“The article of faith” By Iman – NEW**

Recent Imam discussion and the OMA’s decision
Imam Solaiman Gamal, tells the ottawa community to support the new Egiptian Imam.

211 service launched in Ottawa
211 is an easy-to-remember, free and confidential telephone service providing access to trained bilingual information and referral counselors who can direct the caller to a range of community organizations, social services and government agencies.

Sadaqa Food Bank:

You may have seen advertised on our show and on other local Muslim media the Sadaqa Food Bank that opened up not too long ago. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to discuss it much on previous shows, but it is incredibly important to realize the barakah or blessing that is in this Food Bank. Allah has provided us with a great opportunity to help our brothers and sisters right here at home and this opportunity should not be overlooked.

There was an article in the Muslim Link’s April 2008 issue on the Sadaqa Food Bank that I would like to share with you if you did not get a chance to read it yourself.

New Muslim food bank opens its doors
Big hopes for Ottawa’s first Muslim food bank
By Muhammed Zaman
The launch of a new halal food bank in Ottawa is giving local Muslim families the opportunity to nourish themselves with Islamically permissible pickings all year round, for the very first time.
The Sadaqa Food Bank, the first of its kind in the capital and a project of the Islamic Circle of North America’s relief fund, recently opened its doors in hope of satisfying the nutritional needs of an estimated three thousand local Muslims, of whom only about 200 are being supported by other Ottawa mosques and organizations. (more…)

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