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Muharram 16 – United Nations of America + “We Will Not Go Down” + Information Imbalance + Suport Your Local Muslim Media + SalamOttawa Host Offers carpool

Host: Omar (GreenKufi)


Surat AtTawbah 9:1-16


By Mishari Rashid Al-Efasy


Article [Muslim Link January 2009/Muharram 1430 | Page 4 | 6MB PDF] [Article only | 64KB PDF ]
United Nations of America? by Thaiba Ahmed Abdulrahim.
New survey says Muslims favour broader powers for the UN but would like to see it free from US control.

The Reality of Media Coverage: Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land


Muslim US congressman Keith Ellison on Gaza
An interview with Keith Ellison about Gaza really showed me that this man doesn’t only stand for good values, but is also very wise and intelligent in going about his cause. Keep it up bro. We are short not on politicians, but on intelligent, wise politicians.

Free Gaza Movement to Israel: “We’re coming in on Tuesday!” [full article]
A group of activists under the banner of “Free Gaza Movement” are on their way to Gaza on an emergency mission abord the “SPIRIT OF HUMANITY” ship. They are carrying with them desperately needed doctors, journalists, human rights workers, and members of several European parliaments as well as medical supplies.
A previous attempt to provide such aid by an international ship was violently attacked by the Israeli Occupying Forces. On December 30 Israeli forces purposefully and repeatedly rammed the unarmed ship causing seriouse damage and endangering the lives of the humanitarian air crew.
Fouad Ahidar, a member of the Belgian Parliament sailing to Gaza aboard the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY, responded to concerns that Israel may attack the unarmed mercy ship by saying, “I have five children that are very worried about me, but I told them, you can sit on your couch and watch these atrocities on the television, or you can choose to take action to make them stop.”
Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip have injured thousands of civilians and killed over 800 people, including scores of women and children.
The United Nations has failed to protect the Palestinian civilian population from Israel’s massive violations of international humanitarian law. Israel has closed off Gaza from the international community and demanded that all foreigners leave. But Huwaida Arraf, an organizer with the Free Gaza Movements, stated that, “We cannot just sit by and wait for Israel to decide to stop the killing and open the borders for relief workers to pick up the pieces. We are coming in. There is an urgent need for this mission as Palestinian civilians in Gaza are being terrorized and slaughtered by Israel, and access to humanitarian relief denied to them. When states and the international bodies responsible for taking action to stop such atrocities chose to be impotent, then we–the citizens of the world–must act. Our common humanity demands nothing less.”

Take Action! CALL the Israeli Government and let them know that the
SPIRIT OF HUMANITY is coming to Gaza. DEMAND that Israel immediately STOP slaughtering civilians in Gaza and STOP using violence to prevent human rights and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people.
Mark Regev in the Prime Minister’s office: +972 2670 5354 or +972 5 0620 3264 email:
Shlomo Dror in the Ministry of Defence: +972 3697 5339 or +972 50629 8148 email:
Major Liebovitz from the Israeli Navy: + 972 5 781 86248
Your Moment of Zen “Alhamdulillah for Islam!”
Jon Stewart’s Comentary on [im]balanced coverage on Gaza, and NY Mayor Bloombergs comments on proportionate response:

Song For Gaza
“We Will Not Go Down”
(Composed by Michael Heart)
Copyright 2009

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Muharram 9 – Call-in: How are you helping Gaza? + Is boycotting worth it? + Fasting the 10th of Muharram + OC Transpo action

HOST: Omar (GreenKufi)


By Mishari Rashid Al-Efasy


What’s going on in Gaza? On the ground: years fo death and sorrow.

Is Boycotting Israeli Products and Services Useful?

Oh, Yes! See this Link to find out real world numbers of how boycotting Israel is hurting them where it hurts Zionists the Most.

Sister Sukeina of Innovative Minds gave a short talk on the Boycott Campaign at a Muslim youth programme. She covers some of the points mentioned above.

An appeal from one of our dedicated listeners: “Israel is displaying its MADNESS with this massacre. The death of our brothers and sisters have been reduced to a number. A number that continues to increase far too quickly. These are not cheap lives.    My daughter sleeps soundly in the next room. If she makes a sound I run to her side to make sure she’s ok. My husband’s late from work, and I’ve already called him twice to make sure he’s ok. My family lives in another  city, I call them almost every day to make sure they’re all ok. The deep love I have for them is the same limitless, undying love that our Palestinian brothers and sisters have for their family members who are DEAD or DIEING or forever WOUNDED.

Can you imagine the orphans? Can you imagine the frustration? The horror? The pain? The agony? The Anger? The sadness that looms…

If you cannot donate money! If you cannot email your local MP to do something! If you cannot attend your local protest! Then at least PLEASE do not buy ISRAELI products!” Click the image for the list ->>

Local News:

Demonstration on Parliament Hill:Palestine!

Reports from the ground say thousands gathered at the steps of parliament hill January 3, braving the cold with their babies, elderly, women, and children in solidarity with their brethren in Gaza, who are braving much more than the cold. “He can see ground-to-ground missiles,” Says Mr. Shaban, a demonstrator on January 3, about what his friend in Gaza is seeing. “He can see Palestinian civilians lying on the ground dead. There is no place for them in the hospitals. There is no place for the wounded. There are not enough ambulances. There’s no food supplies.

OC Transpo Strike:
Members of the public have an opportunity to provide written submissions to The Canada Industrial Relations Board regarding the impact of the OC Transpo strike. Please note that all written submissions must be received at the Canada Industrial Relations Board no later than 5:00 p.m. on January 9, 2009.
It is important that you have your voice heard as the union just may vote to stay on strike thus forcing The Canada Industrial Relations Board to order OC Transpo back to work. Details on how to make the submission in English and French.


Why are the drums so silent – Dawud Wharnsby Ali

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Dthul-Hijja 18 – OC Transpo Strike + Reality of Christmas + Michael Jackson Converts to Islam

Host: Mafro (GreenKufi)


The OC Transpo strike is in its seventh day now and there has been a lot of grief building up in the city. Many are finding extremely difficult to get to work, school, or the places they volunteer at. Especially those who rely heavily on the public transportation system to get around.

I spoke with one individual who was concerned about loosing her job because she couldn’t make it to work. There is a bit of recompense in these difficult times. There are many people who are resorting to carpooling in an effort to get to the places they need to be. This opens up a great opportunity to connect with the community and an excellent chance for Dawah, as one brother points out.
“You have asked Allah to give you an opportunity to make dawah to your non-Muslim neighbors and friends with a view to showing them the true Islam, and now the opportunity has fallen on your lap. Consider offering a ride to work to someone you don’t know during the current transit strike.” Says Br. Yahya .
If you are interested you can visit or
I might add, even if the strike is over and you find yourself still using your car, perhaps you could consider continuing with carpooling to work, or school, or wherever it is you are driving to.

Christmas and Islam
Is Christmas from Christianity? [ or youtube]
Ask Baba Ali – Escaping the Holiday Party [ or youtube]

Small Deeds – Native Deen

Mountains of Makkah – Zain Bhikha

Can’t U See – Rashid Bhikha featuring Abdul-Malik Ahmad

How can you Deny? – No Beats Necessary

Community News

The AMA (Assunnah Muslims Association) has some exciting news.

The progress of the Islamic Center Project has completed its second phase. The Second Phase Consisted of preparing the land for building, establishing services to the site (e.g., watermain, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, etc) and establishing roads and parking lots.

Alhamdulillah, all these components have been completed and the site is ready to build the Masjid.

You can see the latest photos here. And if you poke around you can find their presentation

We pray that Allah makes it easy to finish building the Masjid.

Please consider donating to get the reward from Allah of a SADAQA JARIYAH…

Unfortunately, a beautiful little forest had to be cut down to create this Masjid.


Al-Maghrib Institute wishes everyone a Eid Mubarak!

May Allah (swt) accept from you and your families and shower you with His forgiveness.

With the Grace of Allah, we have planned for you a very exciting 2009 with so much coming your way. Here are only some of what we have in store:

* Brand new instructors
* First Inter Qabeelah Competition
* More frequent Ilminars
* Higher quality seminars
* and much much more…

We pray Allah (swt) continues to bless your path to seeking knowledge.

AlMaghrib Institute


Global Muslim News

Michael (now Mikaeel) Jackson Converts to Islam, finally. The now “Malik” of Pop was counseled by David Wharnsby, a Canadian songwriter, and Phillip Bubal, a producer, who have both converted. He took his shahada in the presence of Dawud Wharsnby, Yusuf Islam, and Idris Phillips. Of course we all know that the Shahada is pledging elegance to submitting to Allah’s will and command, and not an elegance to the “Koran”, as many of these reports have mentioned.
Also, It seems as though the law suite against the new convert to Islam has been settled outside of court.Jackson_Niqabi
I wonder if people are going to start saying that men are oppressed in Islam because of (dare I say – [Br.]) Micheal’s antics (or should he be Uncle Michael) of wearing the Niqab? (No, wait, it should be Aunti Mikaeel – yeah – that sounds about right) – {I made a funny}

Moment of Zen “Subhan Allah! That Actually happened”

Has anyone seen this crazy video where an Iraqi Journalist throws his shoes at Bush? This is Crazy. What if he had a weapon!!! How did the Secret service not stop this guy. Wow. That’s all I’m going to say.

Apparently this has stirred a bit of a discussion in the world; with words like “shoegate” and questions like:

“Why did he throw his shoes?” “What does a shoe represent in Arab culture?” “Is a wing tip shoe more of a statement than a sandal?” “Did the reporter throw the shoes he was wearing or do Arabs carry spare shoes with them to throw when they are angry?”
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