Week 17 – Don’t forget Earth Day on April 22nd + On the ground comentary from the CIC dinner + COOPERATION

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Host: Ahmed Khalil +Guest Yahya Abdul Rahman


Al-Maidah [ch. 5 v. 1-6 | Recited by Abdullah Basfar -عبد الله بن علي بصفر ]

Discussion & Community News

Earth Day 2009:

Here are a few points we spoke about last Earth Day that are still true today. [From the SalamOttawa Archives]

Find out What’s your footprint?

  • Greener gadgets:
  • Greener energy:
  • Greener homes:
  • Greener transportation:
  • Greener food:
  • Greener bodies:
  • Greener reading:
  • Greener Mail:
  • Just plain old greening: Here is my baby tree.

All in the next issues of the MUSLIM LINK newspaper. Look for Green Kufi’s Greening Muslims column.

Earth Day 2009 (HQ)

Don’t miss out on the Earth Day activities and special deals on products and services to Green Your Living.
Head over to GreenKufi.ca for the latest news and information.

Earth (2009)-Trailer HD-Nature Documentary

Definately check out the original Planet Earth Series. You will learn things about Allah’s creation that you could not even imagine.Really gives us perspective on what Allah tells us about Jannah. That it has what no person has seen, nor heard, nor even imagined. If these are the things on our planet. It is unimaginable what could be awaiting the winners in paradise.

Cooperation: LIVE DISCUSSION with Br. Yahya Abdul Rahman with a report on the Canadian Islamic Congress Dinner this past weekend.
Check out br. Yahya’s notes on his blog, Yahya’s Political Blog.

Muslim News:


Success Tip of the Week

Brought to you by SuccessLiving.org
This week’s tip: Visualization.

Upcoming Action

Earth DAY APRIL 22nd:

Almaghrib upcoing class: Tafsir Juz Tabarak.

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Week 16 – Special Guest Sh. Ismail Batnuni on Ottawa Islamic School + What the youth really need and want + Tigers in Ottawa? Week 18: OMA “Deception”? + Swine Flu Prevention + Rain + Quran.com + Mother’s Day?

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