Summer Time in Ottawa For Muslims + How to help out in the community

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Host: MafroGreen Kufi

Qari Youssuf in Ottawa

“Afraid to Read” By Dawud Wharnsby Ali

“The article of faith” By Iman – NEW**

Recent Imam discussion and the OMA’s decision
Imam Solaiman Gamal, tells the ottawa community to support the new Egiptian Imam.

211 service launched in Ottawa
211 is an easy-to-remember, free and confidential telephone service providing access to trained bilingual information and referral counselors who can direct the caller to a range of community organizations, social services and government agencies.

Sadaqa Food Bank:

You may have seen advertised on our show and on other local Muslim media the Sadaqa Food Bank that opened up not too long ago. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to discuss it much on previous shows, but it is incredibly important to realize the barakah or blessing that is in this Food Bank. Allah has provided us with a great opportunity to help our brothers and sisters right here at home and this opportunity should not be overlooked.

There was an article in the Muslim Link’s April 2008 issue on the Sadaqa Food Bank that I would like to share with you if you did not get a chance to read it yourself.

New Muslim food bank opens its doors
Big hopes for Ottawa’s first Muslim food bank
By Muhammed Zaman
The launch of a new halal food bank in Ottawa is giving local Muslim families the opportunity to nourish themselves with Islamically permissible pickings all year round, for the very first time.
The Sadaqa Food Bank, the first of its kind in the capital and a project of the Islamic Circle of North America’s relief fund, recently opened its doors in hope of satisfying the nutritional needs of an estimated three thousand local Muslims, of whom only about 200 are being supported by other Ottawa mosques and organizations.
Not many people realize the needs of the hungry in a bountiful city like Ottawa, says Akbar Khanan, the director of the Sadaqa Food Bank. “We have [the] thought in our minds that in a prosperous country like this, who would need food?” he reflects, indicating that the community’s priority has been to put all our resources overseas to war-torn and poverty stricken countries.
Mr. Khanan suggests that a little bit of that share needs to be circulated right here in the locality, where families might not be starving but where they sometimes have to decide between a dozen eggs or a pair of new shoes.
“Even during E i d – u l – a d h a when there is a lot of meat, we send it outside,” explains Mr. Khanan. While the question of `who’ or `how’ to distribute meat in the more affluent Westmay have been problematic in the past, he says those questions are now invalid.
“We have fridges here and lists of people who can receive the meat. We have volunteers come do the transportation to help out. Now we have an opportunity.”
The question of distributing halal meat has also been a problem for the Ottawa Muslim
W o m e n ‘ s Organization. They have been running a successful food collection program in partnership with local churches. Originally run by the churches, the Ottawa Muslim Women’s Organization decided they had to help with the distribution.
“When they see the distributors are At the moment we’re just serving the [Muslim] community. But later on, our doors will be open to the whole of Ottawa.
Akbar Khanan, director of Sadaqa Food Bank Muslims, they know it’s halal,” says Nigar Islam, a board member of the Ottawa Muslim Women’s Organization, referring to food which conforms to Islamic guidelines.
Meat isn’t the only collection item for the Sadaqa Food Bank. Everything from non-perishable food items to computers and even furniture are accepted. And that’s not all to hope for from this small organization.
“At the moment we’re just serving the[Muslim] community,” says Mr. Khanan. “But later on, our doors will be open to the whole of Ottawa.” That milestone may seem far away for a new organization like the Sadaqa FoodBank which is in need of more volunteers, says Mr. Khanan. While the Islamic Circle of North America is paying all expenses for the first six months, the bank will have to become more self-reliant.
Currently volunteers are delivering food, creating a logo and designing theorganization’s website, all of which is tremendous help, says Mr. Khanan. “Even if there’s one person hungry, it’s too much,” agrees Yasir Naqvi, Ottawa’s Center’s representative at Queen’s Park and a member of the city’s Food Bank.”We just need to make sure that at both the government level and in the community we prevent that from happening.”
In the recently-released budget, the Liberal government pledged 32 million dollars over three years for a student nutrition program, doubling the funding for breakfast clubs all over the province.
“If a kid is hungry and is too concerned about their stomach grumbling, they’re not going to be learning anything,” says Mr. Naqvi.
The Sadaqa Food Bank is located at 447
Catherine Street, open Monday to Friday
from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Contact 613-680-5679 for more information.

So please, I tell myself this before anyone else contribute to the Sadaqa Food Bank. All help is welcome.
Allah says in Surah Baqarah verse 277:

2:277 Verily, those who have attained to faith and do good works, and are constant in prayer, and dispense charity – they shall have their reward with their Sustainer, and no fear need they have, and neither shall they grieve.

Tassadaq (( Give alms )) ..By Samier Al-Beshieri

“Small Deeds” By Native Deen

We must understand that charity is not just giving money rather it is giving what is most valuable to us. For us, in this time it is our time. There are so many organizations and projects that we can put a little bit of our time into and gain lots of reward from.

One easy way of giving charity is by doing it online. Yusuf Estes, a renowned da’ee, suggested making cds from some of their websites and distributing them at gatherings. Websites such as or He also suggests becoming a member of and put up videos from the above da’wah sites or other muslim organizations.

You can also very easily set up your own blog to spread awareness about different issues affecting Muslims around the world or simply make an effort to send people regular emails reminding them of their responsibilities as Muslims. We can get a lot of reward simply by not ignoring many of the emails we receive about Muslim community events and actually forwarding them and helping to spread the message.

You can also contribute by writing for our very own Muslim newspaper, the Muslim Link (visit Or if you visit any of the mosques in Ottawa you can help out by helping clean up the mosque. Just by coming out to Muslim events is a great way to help and give charity.

InshAllah we will put up a list of organizations and projects you can help out with on our blog.

Always remember though, the best way to reap rewards for the deeds we do is by Keeping our intentions for the sake of Allah,

“Intentions – NATIVE DEEN”

“All for you” By Noor

Here’s a great video from Baba Ali of Ummah Films entitled “Art of Complaining” about making excuses when needed to volunteer. 5min39second

“The Beautiful Story of Yusuf” by Dawud Wharnsby Ali

Almaghrib sound bite with no words:

Upcoming events:
Qabeelat Ansar is hosting an Al-Maghrib seminar entitled
Beautiful Patience: Tafseer Surah Yusuf
by SHAYKH SAED RAGEAH on July 25-27

– The Muslim Summer Festival is coming up this August 2nd. It will be at Britannia Park from 11am to 7pm. You can visit for more information.

– This Friday again will be the Light Upon Light series by Abdurrahman Al Hejazy starting at 7pm at the Main Mosque.

– MYO’s Long Bay Summer Camp will be from August 3 to August 9th. Please visit for more info.

– Also, the Gatineau Mosque is in urgent need of some funds. The mosque requires $200,000 by August 15th or else the construction of the masjid will come to a halt. You can visit to contribute and for more info.

– Also Ibn Batouta Islamic school needs your help. They are requesting you commit just a $1/month in order for the school to keep running. Please contact mailto:EcoleibnBaoutaTC@gmail.com_ for more info.


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